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At Hairy Kiwi, our dedicated and passionate team work cohesively to offer clients both content ideation and wide-ranging content creation to help bring your company’s vision to life. Our approach to brand development fully appreciates that trends are temporary, but a strong and well-devleoped brand development strategy is enduring and ever-lasting.



We’re experts in strategydesigninnovation and brand experience. At Hairy Kiwi, we believe in making a great first impression. With our team of in-house and freelance photographers creating onsite an offsite content for our clients, we deliver best-in-class imagery. We are a branding studio, crafting branding experiences.

From street photography to studio product shoots and adventure photography, Hairy Kiwi always gets the perfect shot.



We use our background in motorsports to create innovative campaigns that engage users through storytelling and user experiences. Our approach is different and our results speak for themselves.

We build brands at the speed of racing.


Racing meshes seamlessly with the modern-day appeal of blatant branding. The broader motorcycle riding culture has a lasting imprint that stretches beyond the recent captivation with racing. The aesthetics can be attributed to wistful nostalgia for the very emotions the sport embodies: freedom, dynamism, adventure and a touch of rebellion.


It takes only 7 seconds to make a lasting first impression. We have a team of in-house and freelance photographers who create original content for our clients. 


Deciding on which series to race in, which team to select or which engineers to have working with you are just a few of the challenging decisions that get made.